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Getting outdoors has never had a greater pull than it does today. With the rapid pace of life, jobs that demand more and more of our time, and cities getting more squeezed.

People know the outdoors brings with it adventure, discovery and peace of mind. 

What better way to experience the adventure than with a ModUDecK system that keeps your gear organized, accessible and secure for travel.

A new mountain bike or a Bucket List pursuit? A ModUDecK system in your vehicle provides flexible organization without sacrificing room for sleeping. Every system can be designed to accommodate your personal goals and needs.

ModUDecK's storage and camping systems are:

Flexible, Modular and Install Easily!

Keep Your Gear Organized, Accessible and Secure!

Grand Valley


TopperLift is a universal lifting kit that fits nearly all full and mid-size pickup trucks, from a 5'-8' Box.

Add one of our universal Camper Packages and transform your existing truck and topper into a cozy pop-up camper in seconds!

Large, zippered side windows allow for easy side load access, good ventilation and a big view of those amazing vistas!

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Privacy Shades - 3 PanelsThe Nomad Camper PackageTopperLift Contractor PackageTopperLift Weekender PackageTopperLift Only

Grand Valley


Hauling, camping, fishing, hunting and all your outdoor activities just became that much easier!

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