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ModUDecK was born out of our own personal use cases. We love the outdoors and spend as much time hiking, biking, taking pictures etc. That often means we are far from home and many times pretty far off the beaten path.

The challenge comes when you want to sleep in the back of your truck, what do you do with all your gear? The answer is ModUDecK!

Why ModUDecK

The 'Other Guys'

We looked at the market and there were a lot of systems out there and they all had three things in common:

* Cookie-cutter system, not custom
* Typically require drilling or bolting to your truck bed
* Complicated install, hard to remove
* Expensive, often very expensive

The ModUDecK Solution

We broke that mold by coming up with our own requirements:

* Designed around your needs and your vehicle
* No drilling required or permanent attachments to your vehicle
* No-tool installation/removal
* Affordable for any budget

ModUDecK Build and Finish Quality

Thru trial and error, and a lot of field use, we continually fine-tune how ModUDecK’s are designed & built around form, function, durability. Many ideas come directly from our customers. Bin height, drawer length, carpet color, options, all at the discretion of the customer. If it fits your bed, we will build it!

The Bonnie

The Bonnie is a full coverage solution with one tailgate facing drawer with open storage on the other side of the truck bed. It also features a smaller bin on the open storage side that can easily be removed for full length storage below and sleeping above. Starts at: $1,250

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The Trip

One of our most popular designs as it includes full coverages for sleeping as well as two tailgate facing drawers, plus a large cab end bin for larger items. Starts at: $1,350

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The Half

The half system is just that, a half system including one or two targe bins next to the wheel well with smaller side bins. Great for the solo camper and regularly needs the extra bed space for larger items. Starts at: $700

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Standard Builds Include:

* 3/4" AC rated 7 ply, cabinet grade plywood for the main frame
* 1/2" AC rated 5 ply, cabinet grade plywood for drawer construction (3/4" bottoms)
* Steel reinforced corners on all components
* Full extension, steel, ball bearing slides. (36" slides are standard length, longer slides available for an additional cost)
* 36" slide is a 42" drawer/bin, 48" slide is a 54" drawer/bin
* Commercial indoor/outdoor carpet and pad on all deck lids
* No tool installation and removal in minutes and no permanent attachments to your bed.
* Standard bin height of 11.8" + deck lid for combined height of approx. 13"

Our Most Popular Options

Camp Stove Slide

$100 requires standard bin height

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Lift-Out Drawer Covers


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Extra-Long Drawer Slides


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ModUDecK Installation